Sunday, 18 September 2016

Nyx lingerie first impressions & swatches

This year has seen the rise of the matte liquid lipsticks and I have to say I am a true fan. I love a good matte lip whether that be in the form of a lipstick or a gloss! I love the durability and the finish. Therefore when Nyx launched their range of matte lip glosses I knew I had to get one ( or three). I was able to grab three while I was in Thailand, you are able to purchase the lingerie liquid lipsticks at boots in the UK for £6. The three shades I managed to buy were Push up, Lace detail and Satin ribbon. This blog will be describing the packaging, application, durability, and finish.

Firstly I think the packing is great, it's sleek and strong so you can chuck this item in your makeup bag without the worry that it's going to smash. I like the fact that you can see the shade of each gloss without having to open it. The writing on the packaging is classy and simple. The wand is a doe foot applicator I find it stern and not flimsy which is good however I would have preferred a tapered lip wand  as it is easier to get into the edges of the mouth.

The Nyx lingerie glosses have a mousse consistency, which makes it more hydrating compared to other formulas and glides on. The finish is matte and it sets matte within a couple of seconds. I do however find that you need more than one coat, the first application applies a little opaque. The formula is a little bit sticky, but that's not too much of a problem unless you keep putting your lips together.

I did find that these liquid lipsticks did last for a while, although there are others on the market that last longer I was, however, able to do my errands for the day without having to keep topping up my lipstick. It took several wet wipes and scrubbing to remove the liquid lipstick swatches.

Overall I really like this range from Nyx, I think for £6 you really can not go wrong. I am planning on purchasing more from the collection.

from left to right ( Satin ribbon, Push-up, Lace Detail) 

Satin Ribbon
I would describe this shade as a nude pink colour, it is similar to Lace detail except I find Lace detail to be darker and a slight beige shade.

This is my favourite shade from the collection so far, I would describe it as a mauve pink shade.

Lace detail
This is a nudish pink/brown colour, it's great for an everyday look or if you do an extreme smokey eye to make the look for subtle you can pop this on the lips.

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Monday, 12 September 2016

Makeup geek eyeshadows & swatches

In the past year, I have been adventuring into the world of eyeshadows. Before I would do the basic neutral eye or when I was in school (not familiar with the blending technique) and would overuse the black eyeshadow. Recently I have been trying to explore more
colourful eyeshadows while doing so I stumbled across the much raved about makeup geek eyeshadows. I must say these are definitely worth the hype! They are so pigmented, buttery and easily blendable. You are able to find the makeup geek range on beauty bay, the eyeshadows per pan cost 5.50. I also recommend purchasing a Z palette, this will allow you to keep your eyeshadow pans securely.

Below are a few of my favourite eyeshadows along with swatches.

From left to right ( prom night, mermaid, blacklight, drama queen, typhoon, shimma shimma, burlesque, houdini )

Prom night

This eyeshadow is described as "pale purple with hints of grey", this is a shimmery shade and the consistency is very creamy and buttery. This is great for all over the eyelid and combined with drama queen and sensuous can create a lovely smokey purple eye.

I use this eyeshadow whenever I am feeling adventurous, I absolutely love how vibrant and colourful this shade is. The name is definitely fitting when I picture a mermaid this colour comes to mind. It is described as " metallic teal with reflects gold". This shadow is a light blue with green/silver flecks.


I love this eyeshadow, it was one of my first makeup geek eyeshadows and has become one of my favourites. This shade is described as " electric purple base with icy blue reflects". I would describe this colour as a light purple with a silvery blue shimmer.

Drama queen
This eyeshadow is described as " a densely dark purple with a shimmery finish". This shadow is a deep purple with gold reflects and is great to darken the corner of the crease, which will make the crease appear more defined. 

If you are looking for a very pigmented green eyeshadow then look no further, this emerald durochrome shadow is so beautiful and the gold flecks along with the shimmer allow for a great night out look. This eyeshadow is described as " a deep teal base with green and gold reflects".

Shimma Shimma
This eyeshadow is a must have for every makeup kit, it is described as "metallic champagne". Shimma Shimma is a very buttery and pigmented highlighter. I use this for the corner of my eye, on my cupid bow or as a brow highlighter. What is great about this eyeshadow is that it is very versatile and you are also able to use it as an all over highlighter.


Burlesque is described as "Metalic muted burgundy with warm undertones". This year has seen the rise of the red eyeshadow looks and I couldn't be happier. This is a beautiful dark plum shade with shimmer reflects, place this all over the eyelid and buffer to create a simple but effective eye look.


Ok last but not least we have houdini, this eyeshadow is described as a "Deep emerald teal green with a foiled finish". Although the foiled makeup geek eyeshadows are a little more expensive than the usual shadows, it is however definitely worth the price. I still can not get over how pigmented this shade is and I haven't even hit pan yet but have already restocked this eyeshadow.

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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Morphe 35T makeup palette review and swatches

The Morphe 35T eyeshadow palette has been shown all over youtube and I finally decided to purchase it. The Taupe palette consists of 35 eyeshadows ranging from matte shades to many shimmery colours. The colours are highly pigmented and easy to blend, the variety of neutral shades and gold shimmers allows for many looks to be created.

When using these eyeshadows I always apply a primer base before hand, my most go to primer has to be the Mac paint pot in soft ochre ( yes I know how predictable). By applying a primer it ensures a much smoother application and also improves the pigmentation of the eyeshadows. Below are a few swatches of my favourite shades, you can create so many looks with this palette. The eye shadows are powdery, which a downside of this is that it does leave fall out. However,  this is easily fixable by just completing your eye look prior to applying foundation.

I was able to find the palette on beauty bay which costs £19.50 the website offers free delivery over £15. I usually use beauty bay as they have a variety of products and their delivery is fast! I would definitely say this palette is value for money, however, I do wish that they named each eyeshadow.

Thanks for reading!xo